Global Markets

Hong Leong Bank’s Global Market services meet the requirements of local and international corporations, institutional and individual investors, financial institutions and other market participants. We provide value-added integrated tailor-made solutions, and offer timely information and competitive rates on a range of financial products.

The dealing room in Phnom Penh is complemented by key Global Market operations in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Backed by the strength of the Hong Leong Banking Group and our strong relationship with a large network of international banks, we are able to provide global execution capabilities to our clients.

FX Spots

A spot foreign exchange (FX Spots) contract is an agreement to buy or sell currencies with delivery normally two business days after the date of contract. The value date of the contract can be on the same day of the transaction or the next business day as well.

  Primary Users
  • Corporations, importers, exporters and individuals with a need to exchange one currency for another.

FX Forwards

FX forwards is a contractual agreement to buy or sell a specified amount of currency against another foreign currency (ies) on a predetermined future date/period and an agreed exchange rate. This is basically a tool that enables customers to hedge their foreign exchange exposure.

  Primary Users
  • Corporations, importers, exporters who transact in foreign currencies to hedge against future exchange rate exposure.
  Tenor of FX Forwards
  • Maturity date shall not be later than 12 months from deal date.

For the latest rates checking and other enquiries, please contact Dealing Room Direct Line: +855 23 999 722
From 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excl. Public Holidays)

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