A fast, simple way to accept payments
with real time settlement
A convenient, hassle-free way for you to accept QR payments from customers
without needing multiple QR codes

HLB KHQR is a member of KHQR (Bakong mobile payment system) which allows
you to accept payments in real time from all banks that subscribe to the service


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Fast and Cashless Alternative

Get started in a few minutes accepting QR pay with instant settlement, removing the need to take cash to the bank

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Widely Accepted

The most accepted QR in Cambodia, allowing you to receive payments from your customers regardless of who their banking provider is

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Zero Fee

It’s totally free! There’s no fees to get your HLB KHQR and stand

There’s only three simple steps

Get your HLB Current Account or Savings Account
You can get started by clicking here, if you already have an existing account with Hong Leong, you don’t need to open an additional account
There’s only three simple steps

Register for your new HLB KHQR in minutes
Click Apply Now, and get started creating your new HLB KHQR and stand
There’s only three simple steps

Open your email to find your new HLB KHQR
We’ll email you your HLB KHQR starter kit so you can start accepting payments immediately, whilst you wait to receive the physical stand
Start accepting payments from
a variety of mobile applications
We recommend Hong Leong Connect for the best experience,
but customers can pay in the following ways:
Hong Leong Connect App
Bakong App
Other Cambodia Banking App

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s FREE to apply.

You can request up to 10 stands per application.

As part of the application, you can choose to collect your HLB KHQR stands at your local Hong Leong Bank branch or have them delivered to you free of charge. In the meantime, you will receive a digital version of your HLB KHQR via email.

You will be able to receive or collect your physical stand within 3 business days. We will email you the digital copy within 1 business day.

No, there is no transaction limit on how much payments you can accept.